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JOY SAHA is a Travel & Documentary photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Documentary Photography & Photojournalism are the areas of his interest and he has a strong fascination for Portrait photography. Being a photo enthusiast, he has been travelling near and far to depict interesting human stories for the last few years. His passion is to explore the different aspects of human life and document them. Capturing the human element is the key to his photography. Through his photos, he wants to share his unique perspective and experience with all.

Documentary photography is more of a passion to him. As a Documentary photographer, it is his responsibility to showcase the socio-economic issues as well as the impact on human life. He also works on Reportage. Besides being a photojournalist, he uses Photography as a powerful tool to communicate with the viewer the same way he felt when recording the stories, keeping in mind that the viewer was not there – But he was.

He has received many national and international awards & accolades. In addition, his work has been featured in numerous international newspapers and magazines.

He strongly believes in the power of storytelling in changing people’s perspective towards social changes & issues. His photographic journey is not only to capture the human condition in unique, challenging situations but also to portray the artistic beauty and enduring power of the human spirit. He is on an endless journey of documenting the untold human stories through the lens so that he can awaken humanity and compassion.

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Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
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